VHC Epoxy resin, The resin of sweden. 

When we first started our epoxy resin brand in Sweden, VHC epoxy resin, we were one of the first who were making our nish river tables. Since then the trend has exploded fast. Our goal was to provide an affordable but yet UV-stable, high quality and absolutely crystal clear product for us and our customers. We carefully tried epoxy products from several different factorys in first sweden witch is a small country with very limited supply, we had to look across the european market to find a factory that met our demands. Not only to be the clearest on the market, but also hard and durable, and at the same time for a reasonable price. We did it, So that you dont have to spend your money on one of those we left behind, for one reason or another.

Our VHC epoxy resin has now grown very populair among carpenters. We tested it against some of the leading high quality epoxy products on the market and found that it was despite better price, it was also clearer, like water infact, less bubbles, and more UV-stable than the aromatic epoxies. The epoxy we use are a alifatic, witch means its UV-stabilized. 

We want our customers to be 100% satisfyed with their projects and are therefor happy to help our customers with support and advise if needded. Just give us a call!

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