VHC Epoxy resin, is the resin of sweden. 

When we first started our epoxy resin brand in Sweden, VHC epoxy resin, no carpenter firm in Sweden that were expertising in epoxy tables had done the same. Our goal was to provide the most affordable but yet UV-stable, high quality and absolutely crystal clear product for us and our customers. We carefully tried epoxy products from 7 different factorys before we found one that met all our demands. 

Our epoxy has grown very populair among carpenters in a short time, probably the most populair in sweden and ranking #1 on google.

We did test it against some of the leading epoxy products on the market and found that it was despite almost half the price, better clarity, almost like water infact, less bubbles, and a lot more UV-stable than the aromatic epoxies. The epoxy we use are a alifatic, stabilized epoxy resin that dosen't yellow too easy. If you want crystal clear, VHC epoxy resin is the one for you!

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